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Insulation Facts

did you know

As it is the start of spring we in Kingspan Insulation felt we would start the season off with some fun facts on insulation.

  1. People in the middle ages used mud and straw on the walls of their homes to insulate them. While huge tapestry’s where hung from stone walls to keep out draughts between block work.
  2. Heat travels in three ways:
  • Convection – heat moves through liquids or gases
  • Conduction – heat transfers through solids
  • Radiation – heat transfers through empty open spaces by electric magnetic waves.
  1. A good insulator is a bad conductor
  2. An un-insulated house can lose up to 60% of its heat through walls and roofs
  3. 300mm is the optimum depth for loft/attic insulation
  4. U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator, the lower the u-value the better the insulation
  5. R-values are the measurement of an insulations ability to resist heat flow, the higher the values the better the insulation.
  6. Did you know we there are many types of insulation in fact we manufacture five alone!

Hands on advice on partial fill cavity wall insulation

cutting K8

Currently the Irish building market is under quite a lot of pressure, the construction sector is facing a skills shortage while the country has a housing shortage. Those who work within the industry are in high demand with project deadlines set very tight.

In a demanding market, speed, accuracy and skill are required to meet the current work load. While those working within the industry need materials and products that are quick and easy to install while being of a high quality to meet or beat the regs.

Our Kingspan K8 insulation board is designed to be quick and easy to install, it is the perfect partial fill cavity wall solution. K8 is designed to be easy to cut on site allowing for easy product placement particularly around windows and openings such as sills and joints. The insulation board fit together quickly and the joints are simply taped. As the product is so easy to cut it leads to little or no waste on site because of this less product is wasted and customer can save on costings.

Kingspan K8 is a premium performance rigid thermoset insulation with thermal conductivities as low as 0.020w/m.k. K8 meets NHBC technical requirements when used with a 50mm residential cavity as a clear cavity is maintained moisture penetration is resisted.

Interview with Martin Donnellan (Block layer) in the west of Ireland
I personally find that the Kingspan Kooltherm K8 is the easiest insulation to fit, for the way it cuts and goes together. I find it an awful lot easier even for cleaning as well when we put each board down on top of each other it’s a lot easier for us to sweep or clean it.

What is one main advantage of the K8 product to you?
There is no doubt that the main advantage of K8 is the speed that I can use it. It goes together so well, and you can be so efficient with it that I could have it down to .00mm tightness together. I find it so easy to use. When people are using the K8 on a straight wall, that’s no problem, but when you come to details like behind sills and lentils and junctions at windows that’s the big advantage of K8, the way it comes cut and easily goes together.

Why do you like working with Kingspan Insulation on a daily basis?
In general with Kingspan, the service is the big thing with Kingspan Insulation. I can get the product to me within a few days and that’s a huge benefit to me when falling from one job to the next sometimes you don’t have the time, it’s a killer. Then when dealing with clients they don’t always want to buy the whole product together and then they are afraid that they will run short. With Kingspan there’s a huge benefit to it because I can say to them that I will have it here within 2 days and that’s a great benefit for us.

Aeroground Insulated Foundation System

Levelling board.

Drawing on over 50 years’ experience of providing homeowners in Ireland with innovative EPS insulation solutions, we at Kingspan Aerobord are once again providing industry leading energy conservation systems. Insulated raft foundations are gaining in popularity in Ireland, they are particularly suited to low energy or passive house standard projects. Kingspan Aerobord manufactures and supplies the Aeroground Insulated foundation system throughout Ireland.

Our designs regularly deliver U-values as low as 0.1W/m2.K. Insulated Raft foundations are suitable for use with Timber or Steel Frame, Insulated Concrete Form or Block construction methods. Building, literally on three unique properties of EPS; high compressive strength combined with extremely low water absorption and excellent insulating values, the load bearing walls and floor slab of your building sit on top of the insulating layer practically eliminating heat loss to the ground.

The system consists of a shuttering system made from a high density grade of polystyrene into which the concrete which forms the ring beam for the walls of the house is poured, 3 x 100mm layers of Aerofloor sheet insulation is also supplied to meet the thermal requirements of the floor.

The system ensures that the concrete ring beam of the house is separated from the ground by 100mm thick EPS300 grade to ensure that any cold bridging at the floor to wall junction is kept to a minimum.

Any internal walls designed to be supported from internal supports are also made from a high density grade of EPS

The shuttering components are designed to support the weight of the house long term, so that no settlement will affect the structure over the lifetime of the building. Each system is specifically designed to suit the structural load requirement of each house.

In situations of high point loads glass blocks are used to replace sections of the base of the shutter so that the point load is transferred from the ring beam through the glass block into the base beneath.

The system is suitable for a wide range of house/ designs and construction types, including Timber frame, cavity wall (masonry) or a single leaf external wall insulation system.

The system comes complete with a range of accessories

  • Steel fixing combs to hold adjacent sections of ring beam shuttering in correct alignment
  • Stainless steel connecting rods to link the ring beam to the floor slab
  • Spacers to set the re-bar at the correct height in the ring beam and in the floor slab
  • Plastic nails to hold the layers of floor insulation in place
  • A release membrane to aid the removal of the external section of shuttering after the concrete has set used when there is a cavity wall construction & the shuttering of the inner leaf maintains the thermal integrity of the system.

The benefits of Aeroground

  • Practically eliminates thermal bridge to ground
  • Meets and exceeds building regulations
  • U-values to 0.1W/m2.K
  • Manufactured in Ireland
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Reduces the quantity of concrete required for the foundation
  • Compatible with under-floor heating & Radon protection systems
  • Proven performance, easy to work with and unaffected by water

Kingspan Insulation supports all of its products with a comprehensive Technical Advisory Service for architects, specifiers, homeowners and contractors.

External Insulation a Fresh Look

External Insulation
Insulation plays a vital part in any home to make sure it is warm and energy efficient, whether you are building a new home or considering retrofitting an existing one, the choices are varied.

External insulation can be a great solution for both new and existing homes. Your external walls act as a barrier protecting your home against the elements and give your home its distinct look. Our external insulation is part of a system which allows you to choose the colour, texture and finish of the render placed on the exterior of your house. For older homes this finish can completely transform the appearance of your home making it look fresh and modern.

Upgrades to existing houses can often be limited by the existing level of insulation and the structure of the house itself. Our external insulation is suitable for solid wall, hollow block and cavity wall construction types.

Applying external insulation to your home is a non-intrusive process which requires no access to the inside of your home. Kingspan  Kooltherm K5 is mechanically fixed to the exterior wall of the property. Kooltherm K5 is a premium performance rigid thermoset phenolic insulation board for use behind traditional and lightweight polymer modified renders. K5 has a thermal conductivity as low as 0.020W/m.K).

Following the Kooltherm K5 board being mechanically fixed, a bonding agent is then layered over the insulation which will add a weather resistant layer; a mesh is then embedded into this agent adding strength.

Finally the external render is layered over the mesh in your preferred colour and texture. This will make your home look fresh and make it feel warm and cosy.  SEAI grants are also available for homes built before 2006.

A New Cavity Wall Board

K6 Brick Wall webLooking for a cavity wall solution that has a lower lambda from a thin board that does not affect the cavity? With the focus moving towards zero energy buildings becoming more intense over the next few years, Kingspan Insulation are at the forefront of product innovation we want to help our customers meet these targets and produce product solution. We have developed a new ultra-low lambda product for cavity walls without having to increase the wall size.

Kingspan Insulation has launched a new cavity wall board Kingspan Kooltherm K106 with a thermal conductivity of 0.018w/m.K part of the new lower Lambda range. The Low u-values can be achieved with a thinner product, Kooltherm K106 has a specially developed facing which allows it to be installed with a mere 10mm air gap. Instead of the 50mm that is required in a standard partial fill cavity wall construction. The water-tight, vapour-open polypropylene fleece outer facing protects against moisture penetration, whilst the lower lambda phenolic core allows a U-value of 0.17 W/m2.K to be achieved with an overall cavity of just 100 mm in a standard masonry construction. All of this means that you can now meet or exceed building envelope requirements, without losing out on living space, or moving away from preferred cavity sizes.

Kooltherm K106 Cavity Board is BBA certified, and feature Kingspan’s market leading, fibre-free, rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core. Manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP), the insulation boards are non-deleterious, easy to handle and install, and are unaffected by air infiltration.

The new cavity wall board makes meeting passive standards much easier proving a level of performance that is unrivaled in the world of rigid thermoset insulation materials.

How to Insulate your Floor


Did you know you can lose up to 10% of your heat through your floor? Insulating at the ground level of your house can vastly reduce heat loss and create a more comfortable floor temperature for you and your family to walk on.

Depending if your floor in you home is ground bearing or a suspended floor installation of insulation can vary. For new and existing homes with suspended timbers floors which can’t be accessed from below the floorboards can be removed from above to allow the installation of our Kooltherm K3 Floorboard between each floor joist. Kingspan Kooltherm K3 Floorboard is a premium performance rigid thermoset phenolic insulation board for use with solid concrete and suspended ground floors can be placed directly onto the concrete floor. Before the existing floorboards are reinstated a fully sealed vapour control layer is installed above the floor joists, below the floorboards thus making the floor vapour tight and airtight. At all times adequate and unobstructed ventilation must be maintained to the underside of the suspended timber floor joists.

For new houses with which have a solid ground bearing concrete floor construction a continuous damp-proof membrane/radon barrier beneath is required beneath the insulation or below the structural floor slab, taking care to overlap with any damp-proof course in the external walls. Then the premium performance  Kingspan Kooltherm K3 Floorboard can be placed directly onto the damp proof membrane or concrete floor slab. The Kooltherm K3 Floorboard is then overlaid with a separation layer before the installation of the floor screed.

In new construction, adding insulation will:
•    Reduce heat loss through the floor
•    Minimize thermal bridging
•    Make the concrete floor part of the thermal mass of the conditioned space, thereby reducing interior temperature swings.
•    Make your home feel more comfortable and easier to heat.

In an existing home, adding insulation has the following advantages:
•    Will reduce heat loss
•    Help towards reducing energy costs
•    Reduce draughts due to the installation of a vapour control layer.
•    Make your home feel more comfortable and easier to heat.

Tapered Roofing Design



When a flat roof design works it can be very effective both as a quick and cost effective construction solution and as a practical design for a number of Building types. However, to create a roof that will stand that test of time you need to consider a number of factors. For a flat roof to work the design should incorporate a number of elements such as insulation and rainwater run-off.

Kingspan have been manufacturing and designing tapered flats roofs for 30years. We understand that for a roof to perform at its best it should incorporate rainwater runoff within its design. We have combined both elements in our tapered systems, Tapered Insulation Boards, flat packer boards, pre-mitred hip and valley boards. We use our years of knowledge and expertise to design roofs that include dips and integral falls.

Many flat roofs can fail due to the roofs inability to shed rainwater from its surface causing ponding. This water then sits on the roof which can cause thermal stress, plant growth and algae which all leads to decrease in the life span of the roof. Designing an adequate fall into a roof can aid water drainage and eliminate ponding. At Kingspan our all in one product solves these problems.

On new roofs Kingspan Thermataper can be incorporated into the design by simply providing the architectural drawings to our Kingspan Tapered Design Team. Thermataper products are designed for use with most waterproof membranes and will meet the building regulations with both roof falls and thermal performance.
Existing roofs can easily be upgraded with a Thermatapered system, a new waterproof membrane and insulation solution can be placed over the original waterproofing/roof, eliminating the need to strip the roof down to the deck level.

Our boards are quick and easy to install, avoid wet trades therefore avoiding curing or drying out Kingspan Thermataper is also much lighter then screeding and will not over load the roofing structure. Our premitre solution ebsures there is less waste as all the cutting is done within our controlled factory environment and our design utilises hip and valley boards where required.

Download our free brochure for more information.

Kingspan Technical Service Offerings


Kingspan Service
At Kingspan Insulation we are more than happy to share our years of knowledge and expertise with our clients to help you find the right product for your project. We have a number of free services that use the best of our knowledge to find the right solution for a wide variety building types and applications, wither that be for your clients or your home.

Technical Design Service
We have one of the best technical support systems in the Irish building industry and receive hundreds of calls every day and our team of experts deal with all types of inquiries from general application advice to design detailing and fixing solutions.

Condensation Risk Analysis and U-Value Calculation Service
Our technical services team are able to provide detailed value calculations for many combinations of structural build-ups. Our team can also provide advice on best practice to minimise cold bridging through the various junctions of the buildings fabric, while providing detailed analysis of any potential condensation risk by factoring in proposed humidity levels and local conditions.
All our Condensation Risk Analysis for individual elements, are performed in accordance with BS 5250: 2006 and BS EN ISO 13788: 2002 and are supplied free-of-charge alongside U-value calculations produced by Kingspan Insulation’s Technical Services Department.

Premium Service
This free service offers two levels of support depending on the project type. Our Premium service has been designed for projects achieving <0.15W/m².K weighted average U value and using Kooltherm in at least two building elements (eg. wall, roof). The Premium Plus Service requirement is a U-value of <0.13W/m².K while using Kooltherm in at least three applications. (eg. Floor, wall, roof).
The Premium service includes the following benefits depending on the project’s type.

Premium Service
• Consultation service
• Pre-Tender KoolSpec Check Service
• Project-specific warranty
• U-Value calculations/ condensation risk analysis
• Response within 24hrs to all issues
• Performance specifications
• 2x site inspection visits

Premium Plus Service
• Consultation service
• Performance specifications
• Site visit by a Kingspan Technical Representative
• 5x site inspection visits
• U-value calculations/ condensation risk analysis
• Pre-design assessment of details
• Response within 24hrs to all issues
• Certification of installation
• BER/SAP calculations
• Pre-tender KoolSpec Check Service
• Toolbox talk/ installation training
• Project specific warranty

Download the Premium Service Brochure Here.

Tapered Roofing Design Service
We at Kingspan know many flat roofs fail due to water ponding, which is why we have designed a system to eliminate this all together by designing bespoke falls into your flat roofing project.
Kingspan Thermataper roofing system combines thermal insulation and a rainwater runoff solution all in one package. The entire system can be created in three steps.
1-Roof Survey
On existing roofs a free survey will be completed by one of our expert tapered roofing team. Alternatively, architectural drawings will be utilised for a new roof .
The whole system is designed using our CAD system. Once the initial draft layout is complete, it is forwarded onto the design team for review, where any changes can be made to the scheme.
Once the client is happy and signs off on the design, the Kingspan Thermataper systems are ordered and final drawings issued, both hard and soft copies.

HVAC Technical Service
All HVAC duct product ranges are supported by a free and comprehensive technical advice service. Expert guidance is provided to make specification, installation, operation and maintenance as straightforward as possible. Project-specific advice and solutions for non-standard applications and complex technical issues are also offered.

You can contact us for advice on your project or to ask us about one of our many free services on Tel: +353 (0) 42 979 5000 or via

How to Insulate your Attic



Did you know that you could be losing as much as 30-35% of your home heating through your roof? The good news is you can easily install roof insulation and start saving money on your energy bills. There are is a wide range of insulation to choose from depending on your roof or attic type.

A good starting point is to look at your existing insulation, if any, and see what condition it is in. Often fibre or material insulation will compress over time, a common cause of compression is moisture, and typically 100-150mm quilt material would be installed in existing houses. There is no need to remove this insulation simply place new insulation over this, providing a condensation analysis is carried out.

Your options for roof or attic insulation depend on the what you want to use the attic for and what type of construction is in place i.e. pitched, flat or dormer roof, if you want to use the attic as a room or if you are only using it for storage.

If you wish to use the attic as a living space it is best to insulate at the rafter or roof level this allows the heat to rise into the space from the rooms below to warm the attic. If you are only using the attic for light storage then insulating at the ceiling level is the best option, as this prevents the heat rising into the unused attic and instead keeps the rooms below warmer.

Kooltherm K7 is a very versatile product, in that is can be used for pitched roofs at both the rafter and at the ceiling level between and over the joists. It is very easy to use and install, it can be easily cut to fit between joists or rafters. Kooltherm K17 & K18 is an insulated plasterboard which can be used to line the ceiling of the attic in conjunction with K7 at the pitched level; this insulated plasterboard will add the finishing appearance to the attic space.

Other items to consider when upgrading your attic insulation.
1. If you are not using your attic and are insulating at the ceiling level it is recommended to cover pipes in pipe insulation, this will prevent them from freezing in the winter months.
2. Insulating water tanks in specialised jackets is also advised, do not insulate directly under your tank as the warm air from below prevents pipes from freezing.
3. If there are electrical cables they can be raised above the insulation, if you are unable to do this then leave a gap to allow ventilation.
4. If you have raised lighting from the room below as recessed halogen lights, these will need to be protected, with a specialist insulated hood, as they give off quite a lot of heat.
5. Remember to insulate the attic hatch on the upper side and seal all gaps with draught proofing strips.
6. There are grants available through the SEAI if your home was built before 2006.

The Right Insulation for Your Walls


Dry-ling Insulated Board

Up to 35% of the heat within your home is lost through your walls alone. Insulating the walls of your house is a long term investment which will reduce heat loss, save you money and make your home more energy efficient… not to mention much more comfortable. Whether you are building a new home or improving the efficiency of an older property there are a number of options available to you.

Internal Wall Insulation
Insulated dry lining boards such as Kingspan K18 & K17 can be fitted to the inner surface of the insulated cavity walls or onto treated timber battens for solid walls. This option can be used on solid, cavity or timber frame walls. It is very easy to install and is equally suitable for new build or a refurb project.

Kingspan insulated dry lining boards are simple to install. The existing finish, if any, is removed taking it back to the bare wall. The boards are then fitted and a plaster skim is applied, followed by the fittings and skirting boards. You will feel the immediate benefits of the insulation as it will reduce heat loss, draughts, and greatly improve air-tightness.

Cavity Wall Insulation
There are a number of solutions for a cavity wall depending on your project type.

For new build, Kingspan Kooltherm K8 partial fill cavity wall insulation offers the optimum performance, which eliminates the risk of moisture penetration by maintaining a clear cavity. Kooltherm K8 is easy to install and is normally held in position with cavity wall ties.

For refurbishment projects Kingspan Ecobead can be pumped into the cavity of the wall. This high performance insulated bead locks in tight in a honey comb matrix when pumped in with a water based adhesive. This can all be done in one day with no intrusion into your home. The process is very simple: small holes are drilled in your external wall and then Kingspan Ecobead is pumped into the cavity through these holes. The holes are then sealed and surface finished like new again.

External Wall Insulation
For both new builds and retrofit projects Kingspan Kooltherm K5 can be used. External wall insulation acts as a barrier which retains heat within the property whilst protecting it on the outside against the elements.
External insulation is applied with minimal disturbance to the occupants of the house in the case of retrofit projects, and it will not reduce the space internally. K5 being a component part of a polymer modified external render system with a variety of colour and texture finishes, provides complete thermal efficiency and an attractive new external look to an existing property.

With so many options available to house owners, not to mention home improvement grants available, it makes perfect sense in investing in the long term efficiency and comfort of the home while saving money. Have more questions or want to know which option is most suitable for you? Talk to one of our technical insulation team today!